Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How old is under 17?

According to Sahara Reporters, the captain of Nigeria's Under 17 team, Fortune Chukwudi, is actually 25 years old..

Excuse the flowery prose.


Anonymous,  10:18 am  

Question really should be how reliable is the much-touted MRI tests, since this dude reportedly passed the test THRICE -- once at the National Hospital Abuja, once at the Aspire Academy in Doha (Qatar), and FIFA's own random testing during group phase of the competition, each time indicating that he was within the age limit. Obviously, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere along the line (either with the tests or with Adokiye's story).

Thomas 11:21 pm  

Kai! That reporter sabi blow grammar. So painful to read.

Anonymous,  6:32 am  

From what i read the first time, 29 of the 35 players where found to be overaged after the NFF did the MRI scans. Then weeks later they said it was 15. Then days before the tournament revealed that there was an overaged player in the camp and that there was a scandal in the making.

FIFA should have tested every player in the tournament instead of just threatening to randomly test them, because it seems that in order to slip by the rules, the NFF decided to allow younger looking players who were overaged participate in the tournament. That's why the numbers drastically came down to 15 instead of 29. I even remember Sanni Lulu being defiant in the papers about FIFA threats to random test the players.

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