Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hilton argument

As I was leaving the Hilton just now I witnessed a furious argument between a man wearing dark clothes and one of the hotel's guards:

Dark Clothes Man: You are a bloody idiot.
Guard: You are a bastard.
DCM: You are a terrorist.
Guard: Your father is a terrorist.
DCM: I will deal with you. You will not be working here next time I come.
Guard: Go and report me. You bastard.

etc etc.

By the way, has anyone noticed anything different about the Hilton now it is the Transcorp Hilton - apart from the fact that the prices have been jacked up?


Bitchy 2:51 pm  

LOL! I love the way Nigerians argue. I bet if you had asked them what started the madness it would have been something steewpit like dark clothes man stepping on the security guard's shoes!

What is going on with your blog? You seem to have lost the momentum.

Jeremy 3:08 pm  

Its a combination of no-band internet and being chokabloka busy juggling 5 balls in the air at the same time..

I'll be back!

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