Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Made magazine

The second edition of the new Nigerian men's magazine Made is now out. You can pay to read the online version here.


Emz 2:06 am  

Been looking round your blog and love the way your posts are always so short. I suffer from garrulous disease, so I find it fascinating that you can do two sentences...then stop. Haha - this comment is longer than your entire post. See what I mean? Great blog though!!

Anonymous,  2:59 am  

why the hell is the logo some dude in a bowler hat? this magazine may a swell be published in the west somewhere. it's hardly a naija men's magazine,

Garus,  1:58 am  

who is that horse on the cover? blimey!
wil nigerian women allow their husband keep 'her' on the shelf hehe..

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