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How to make a Chapmans..

I'm writing something which requires knowledge of Nigeria's homegrown non-alcoholic cocktail, Chapmans. Trouble is, surprisingly few people know the actual ingredients. In the course of my (admittedly lazy and half-arsed) research, I have yet to meet someone with confident knowledge of the exact recipe. My dear readers, can you help out?


thoughts 12:36 am  

Key ingredient is Angostura Bitters. And I'm glad you acknowledge the fact that it is Nigerian (we should patent it).

Anyways, go to Ikoyi Club. I believe that's where the original recipe developed (or perhaps became popular).

Anonymous,  2:33 am  

I grew up in NE Nigeria and fell in love with Chapmans at the Styer bar in Bauchi. The recipe is a mixture of Fanta (orange) and Sprite with bitters and a garnish of your choice (my favorite....a couple slices of banana.) The Cedar Tree Restaurant in Jos was also a favorite for chapmans.
-Baturen Adamawa

Anonymous,  2:38 am  

I grew up in NE Nigeria and use to watch the bartender make chapmans during visits to the Styer compound/hotel in Bauchi. The recipe consists of Sprite and Fanta (orange)with bitters and a garnish of your favorite: banana. The Cedar Tree Restaurant in Jos was also a favorite for Chapmans!!!
-Baturen Adamawa

Oracle 4:01 am  

Who cares about the ingredients.
Just consume it as long as you know it is NAFDAC certified.

sir-mix-a-lot,  6:40 am  

Yes, the key ingredient is angosturas bitters.
1. Get your glass and fill with ice and some slices of lime.
2. pour in soft drink (preferably a 7up, sprite or fanta.
3. Add a shot of black currant for flavour and colour.
4.finally add a generous dash of angostura bitters.

The thing is, you can spice up with drink with any order flavours et al... but the bitters is a MUST!

Zahratique 7:47 am  

I love Champman! It never really occured to me that it was a cocktail...I always tought they just served Fanta-Chapman in that big mug-like glass....hmmm

Eminie 9:00 am  

Thoughts very correct!Augostoria Bitters is a very key ingredient also lemon and cucumber.

Anonymous,  11:29 am  

Confident Knowledge of the Exact Recipe According to my Barman Anderson:

1 shot lemon or lime juice
3 shots grenadine
equal parts fanta AND sprite
2 dashes Angostura Bitters

For Garnish:
lemon slice
cucumber slice
mint sprig

Enjoy small small...

Anonymous,  2:29 pm  

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BK,  4:26 pm  

It was actually first made in the Bristol Hotel - Lagos. I tend to add a shot of gin to it for good measure (and this yukky blackcurrent thing is a relatively new addition.

Jeremy 8:20 am  

thanks all for your collective wisdom...

Kemi Ogunleye,  11:51 am  

I thought the drink was called "Chapman". Where is this mysterious "s" at the end of it coming from? Or am I mistaken??

femme 10:27 pm  

this post has helped alot.
i love and miss chapmans. i always wondered why i cant get it out side nigeria but cant explain what i want as i dont know whats in it.
thanks to everyone who helped

OceanDwell,  7:15 pm  

I used to drink this as a kid back in Oman... Perfect chapmans... Fill a tall glass with 4 ice cubes... sprinkle a few dashes of Angustora Bitter, pour 7up or sprite over the top and stir gently!
The ultimate summer drink!

Anonymous,  3:25 pm  

Yes, 1978, the Ikoyi Club after early morning squash. We had to find the bartender to make them for us 'cause it was so early. There was alway a garbage can overflowing with Angostura bitters empties from the night before!! Nigeria must be the world's largest consumer of Bitters.

Salaam 3:25 pm  

Hey guys i found out that Angostura Bitters is made up of alcohol content, about 47%. I contacted the company that makes it and the were available to confirm that.

As a muslim who does not drink alcohol, i have been drinking chapman right from when i was young back in Nigeria. I guess i will have to stop drinking it or find a substitute for Angostura Bitters while making home made chapmans.

Anonymous,  12:42 pm  

Even though Angostura bitters has alcohol in it (44.7% to be exact) usually only a few dashes are used in drinks & food and therefore does not make the drink alcholic.

Anonymous,  6:44 pm  

its so easy to make and still it tastes different,so i think it takes being an expert to make fabulous cocktails

Anonymous,  2:27 pm  

i thought that chapman was made from 7up and ginger ale and angostura bitters i am sure that was how it was made when i lived in nigeria

Anonymous,  7:29 am  

Hi Guys, Our old cook in PH, ex Masawatti Tea Company, (God Rest his Soul)recipe for a chapman was: Ice, Capfull of Treetop orange cordial, Sprite or Ginger Ale, Few splashes of Angostura Bitters, Few slices of Cucumber and a sqeeze of lemon.
We used to call it the Masawatti Chapman.

Anonymous,  2:13 pm  

You can get a bitters without alcohol - it's called Monin and except for the alcohol, it contains all the other ingredients of Angostura - so you can continue drinking Chapman ;-)

Anonymous,  1:53 am  

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Mooment 10:37 am  

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Adetola Adeniyi 5:58 pm  

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Anonymous,  10:25 am  

am greatful for all the suggestions as to how to make chapman. But my hitch is this, will the taste be the same even without the use of Angostura bitters? cos i dont take alchol and those i want to prepare it for dont as well. anyone with a better suggestion should pls reach me on 08028272899.

Anonymous,  10:28 am  

am greatful for all the suggestions as to how to make chapman. But my hitch is this, will the taste be the same even without the use of Angostura bitters? cos i dont take alchol and those i want to prepare it for dont as well. anyone with a better suggestion should pls reach me on 08028272899.

Casper,  7:21 pm  

We've picked up the recipe from our time in Nigeria, and in our family we make it with:

1 dash Angostura bitters
1 shot Rose's lime cordial
Fill the rest with Sprite/7-Up.

It seems everyone has their own recipe. :)

Anonymous,  2:49 pm  

This is amazing, I have been looking for this recipe for so long! I used to live in Nigeria as well, but I could never quite get the balance right. I am going to develop my own personal recipe now based on all of your suggestions :D

I used to just do half orange soda half sprite and some angustora bitters, but there is so much scope for variation here!

Graham 1:06 pm  

I lived in Kano for two years 1967/9 and I am sure that the Chapmans we used to drink at the Kano Club Golf Bar was made up of Angostura Bitters coated round the glass, ice cubes, Lime cordial - (a measured lid full)and Ginger Bear. It was a very refreshing drink and was all I needed after a round of golf.

peter claver 12:31 pm  

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Anonymous,  10:50 pm  

The first Chapman I had was at the Humdala (sp??) Hotel in Kaduna in 1966. The Kaduna Club also served them.

Anonymous,  7:14 pm  

The recipe I learned in the Sultanate of Oman is as follows:
Into a highball glass, place lots of ice. Sprinkle in two or three good shakes of Angostura bitters. Add a generous slug of lemon cordial (the sort you would normally dilute with water to make a long drink). The fill the glass with good quality ginger beer, or lemonade. Ginger beer gives the best result. This Chapman's is the BEST alcohol-free beverage ever!!

Anonymous,  12:07 am  

we now ve a complete website angostura Chapman, with the preparation tips. hit

Anonymous,  7:50 pm  

as a kid growing up in sokoto in the 70's we were allowed chapmans with Treetop orange squash, fanta and schweppes tonic water with a dash of angostura bitters.
nowadays, my husband and i use tonic water, orangina, campari and angostura.....mmmmmm!....think i'll go fix myself one now! XD

Anonymous,  12:03 am  

Am really grateful,I already hv d knowledge ,but still want to kow more.cos I want to make a living out of it.I want to prepare it nd do it perfectlyt well to be able to satisfy my customers.thank u all

M Scott,  9:55 pm  

My very clear recollection from Kani in the mid-seventies was of a pint tankard with bitter lemon, a good dash of angostura bitters and a lot of ice. I have no real recollection of adding cucumber etc.

Anonymous,  4:07 pm  

I grew up in Ikeja GRA Nigeria.
Ever since I was in nursery school at Grange school, the Lagos country club made a non-alcoholic and an alcohlic version of chapman.
I was born in 1958 so Im talking about many years ago.


1 Shot lemon squash.
A good dash of angostura bitters.
fill up with 7up or sprite.
optional is the gin
A candy cherry with a tooth pick

and no more than that.

people would use other squashes when lemon was unavailable. (Orange or Lime)

Is there someone whom is older than me that can tell me that this recepie was made before I was in nursery school? If not it comes originally from Lagos Country Club


yetunde,  8:14 pm  

we make chapman and smallchops for all occasions, we also do training for those who want to learn. call on 08032640367.

Anonymous,  1:45 am  

Hello all, pls in d absence of angostura bitters we shud be used? Wots d quantity if all d ingredients for 30 persons? Pls help o. Tanx so much.

Anonymous,  10:41 am  

For Alcoholic Chapman, CAMPARI BITTERS is the best used in the first ever Chapman made by the inventor or this brand of Cocktail, am talking of Mr. Alamutu.
Try Campari Cahpman and testify

Anonymous,  7:51 pm  

Adolphus, John and Joseph used to make these at the Lagos Yacht Club during the 80's and they were amazing. I'd love to know how they made them.

Anonymous,  6:10 pm  

Am rather surprised that the use of campara didnt feature well in all the chapman preparation mentioned above bcos in my place Mina Hotels the people insist on its addition.With all the bitters,cordial etc.Pls any particular reason for this.

Anonymous,  10:52 am  


Anonymous,  9:42 am  

I have met the bloke who invented the drink..He is now in Australia but he used to work in Nigeria back in the day. Name's John Chapman. He just mentioned it in one of his anecdotes. I think i should've asked him for the recipe.

Anonymous,  1:39 am  


Angoturas bitters
lemon juice and lemon quater for garnish
optional gin

Larry Littlefield,  7:14 pm  

I lived in Ikoyi for three years back in the mid-sixties and played tennis at the Ikoyi Club. I was introduced to the ginger beer chapman by colonial Britishers who had been there for many years. I too would like to know the Ikoyi Club recipe.

Paul,  4:03 pm  

I came across it at the Port Harcourt club in 1966 and it consisted of lemon squask, sprite, angostura bitters and ice. Nice to have with the lunchtime Palm Oil Chop on a humid Sunday.

Nick Coveyduck,  12:27 pm  

Lagos Yacht Club version of a Chapmans was:
Glass with Ice, add 2 fingers of Treetop Lemon squash a generous dash of Angostura Bitters and fill up with 7 Up!

Perfect refreshing drink!

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