Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Images of the Delta

Andrea Scaringella's stunning pictures of the Delta, here. Thanks Olly for the link.


Anonymous,  2:40 pm  

Bloody Briliant images. Probably some of the best I've ever seen of Naija.

The accounts of her stay were just as riveting. The election stories were just a shame, such a fucking shame on us Nigerians. And it takes a foreigner to show it in its true light....

Yummy Mummy 8:32 pm  

Beautiful photos. Helps one see naija in a different light. Very poetic

Anonymous,  8:19 pm  

Aaagh, the images are interesting. Also interesting, however, was the post about the rogues that parade the Niger Delta. It is clear that regardless of how much derivation goes to the South-South, the people are ready for one thing and one thing only: violence. They feed on it.

From the Warri wars to the recent Port Harcourt disaster, the trend is the same: violence, and it is the only language they understand. I doubt that even the butchers in the North of Nigeria can stand up to the Niger Deltans when it comes to violence.

The multinational companies know this, and they (rightly) fight criminals in the Delta with the military. How long this can continue is anybody's guess, but I expect another Odi-style massacre is the army feels that things are getting serious. Never have such a bunch of goons pleaded so much to be killed in droves. The kidnapping Deltans are a sorry bunch, and regardless of what happens to them (whether they leave the unhappy union that is Nigeria) or remain in Nigeria, their fate is sealed: perpetual poverty, bitterness, illiteracy, violence, violence and more violence!

It is sad.

douby,  9:36 am  

hmmn, @yummymummy sorry i dont think the pictures are about poetry. it shows the level of neglect and shame in the Niger delta

Waffarian 7:41 am  

@anonymous: Thank you for sharing with us your hatred, tribalism and illiteracy. We can each of us only offer what we have.

Anonymous,  3:44 pm  

@waffarian, it's kinda hard for an illiterate to read this blog, isn't it? :-)

The facts are clear: the people of the Delta are some of the most violent Nigerians alive. The recent war in Port Harcourt is a tip of the iceberg. Every opportunity the government has given them to stand on their own has only led to more violence. They thrive in a chaotic environment, and what's most ironic was that at the height of the recent war in PH, the Nigerian Army - previously one of the most despised bodies in Nigeria - was begged to return to Port Harcourt.

It is a shame, but the Delta will always be exploited, and with people as violent as the Niger Deltans, they deserve all they get. A recent report in the Economist or the Financial Times (forget which one) called it "one of the most violent and illiterate places in Africa"

Says a lot about the people there.

Saymama 10:37 pm  

@anonymous 3.44PM:the Niger Deltans "deserve all they get"? Are you serious? What a viscious and vindictive thing to say! I won't even begin to ask you if you've given credence to the reasons as to why they have become such a "violent people". Perhaps if you'd lived a day or 2 in their shoes you'd think differently.
and @ yummy mummy: what's beautiful or poetic about this photo? It's depressing to say the least! Think of all the lives, land, and property burning in that horrible fire. The pollution that will result for years to come....

Waffarian 12:23 am  

@anonymous: I don't know what the deal is with you and the Niger Delta, so much hatred there. I was brought up there and the people I associate with are all peace loving human beings.Perhaps it was the crowd you moved in? One can only wonder the kind of people you associate with since you keep advocating the use of violence. I am sure YOU thrive in such environments. By the way, you are right, the people of the Niger Delta will always be exploited because of people like you.

Anonymous,  1:56 am  

@saymama, I lived and worked in the Delta (mostly Warri) for three years, and the people of the Delta are some of the most violent I have come across in my trips around Nigeria.

Anonymous,  12:58 pm  

@waffarian, the Deltans will always be exploited because despite the astronomical amounts they have made from oil, they have failed to develop anything that resembles a knowledge society or a culture of education and peace. Instead, they wallow in failure and turn out in the millions to cheer Alameiyesgha on his return from prison - ironically, a place he went to for stealing money from these same impoverished people. That's the reason the Delta will always remain in poverty: the sheep-like attitude of the people will ensure that they remain some of the worst educated Africans aive today, and that they continue getting pigs for leaders.


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