Wednesday, September 19, 2007

KD city

I'm in Kaduna, blogging from my phone at 3am. After a day of dayjob jawjaw yesterday I went in search of kaduna treats. The first lebanese restaurant listed in the guide book had closed down, the second-Byblos- was not yet open for the evening's business. The driver then took me to a quiet road and told me the nearest gate was also a lebanese restaurant. It didn't look like much. He went inside and soon enough a middle eastern guy in his mid thirties came and welcomed me to Sou's Place.

Inside we came to an open courtyard with thatched huts and banana trees, and a larger dance floor space to the side. I ordered a Heineken and pizza with no cheese- there was no fatoush. The guy came to chat. He had a slightly nervous stance, like a bird on a branch. He told me his place is a favoured hang out with the big men of kaduna.I suggested he tile the low walls with small moroccan tiles. He thought for a second and said I am going to do that- that is a good idea. The converstion was a little stilted. He left me for a while.

Then, two white guys arrived. I thought at first they were gay because of the beefy arms and shaven heads, until I caught some of the conversation. They were American soldiers, swapping combat stories.One told an exciteable tale of swooping down a valley in Afghanistan in an Apache and conducting an 'L formation' ambush and 'taking out' nine men.His language was peppered with tactical acronyms, such as 'QRF's' and 'J amps'. I considered the reality of war, and the video game version of it this man had. There was a necessity to his converstion nonetheless. He had to talk about these things- the reality of the lives that were lost insisting within the boy wonder magic of his talk...

After about an hour my pizza came. The base was layered with cheese. Oh well.

Back in the hotel,
I watched Chelsea in the second half against a Norwegian team. The ground was half empty. I was too tired to be bored, and too bored to be tired.

And now I cannot sleep. The radio-alarm clock keeps making a noise and there is no way of turning it off without
smashing it.


Toks- Boy 8:46 am  

Jeremy this is a pure direliction of your journalistic duties. Why do you think we view your site everyday? I cannot beleive you had two US soldiers in your sights (pardon the pun) and you let them go without asking some questions like : excuse me but this is Kaduna, which is in Nigeria, which is well off the beaten path to Afghanistan so are you lost or are you after the local Al-Qaeda? What gives? Has Osama been sighted in Jos? etc etc

Obviously you would be standing at a safe distance with a clear path to the door when you took up this line of interrogation, i mean questioning. Oh sorry interview.

Anonymous,  11:09 am  

do i detect a little world weariness? take am easy o.
concerned of sarf london

Anonymous,  12:26 pm  

Sorry, I dunno if this is your first time in Kaduna, but can you tell me why you foreigners (or expats) always hang out together and often don't go to see the locals, and instead, when you arrive in kaduna, the first dish you want to taste is not a dish popular in Kaduna, but instead you head to the first foreign restaurant or shop you see, (in this case Lebanese) and hang out (not with folks from Kaduna), but with other foreigners (in this case Americans)! Is there a point in going to Kaduna, only to eat foreign food, hang out with foreigners, eavesdrop on foreigners, etc?

Sorry, I'm just really curious here....!

Anonymous,  2:20 pm  

Next time order bread with tomato sauce - avoids confusion. You cannot say pizza without meaning cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Also noticed you been very distant and seem almost half-hearted about the blog recently - shame, hope Nigeria hasn't drained you of all your creative energy and enthusiasm for the place

God's child 3:14 pm  

pizza without cheese? Noooooooooooo
sorry thats all I could think of the whole time I was reading
Its the american in me! right now the naija in me would have hit up the biggest suya joint in kaduna and taken kilishi to go!!

UndaCovaSista 6:35 pm  

Lol@ toks-boy's comment. I was thinking the same thing. What on God's green earth could 2 US soldiers be doing in Kaduna, Nigeria? How random!

Anonymous,  6:47 pm  

hey whats up man.. this isnt a response to ur blog so feel free to take it down.. I couldnt find an email address..

check my blog out. We are a nigerian/african clothing line based in the states. We just came out with this years independence Day collection. pls check it out and help spread the word.

thanks NS

Fred 8:43 pm  

Beefy arms, shaved heads = gay. Got it, I'll be on the lookout, as you obviously are. ;-)

Only a person who's never fought can ever think war has a “video game version.” Rest easy, doc.

Prettybrowngirl,  4:42 am  

Expats stick together because their home countries warn them about Nigerians and how Nigerians will rob them blind. *sigh*

anonymaus,  4:27 pm  

If you're not one already, you'd make a good spy. You absorb things very quickly and in a very detailed manner, it's fun to read when you paint your picture using words.

Kpakpando 6:15 pm  

@ anon complaining about expats in Nigeria.

Funny I have the same complaints about Nigerians who live in foreign countries, aside from school and work they seem to only move in green white green packs.

I heart Kaduna city.

Anonymous,  6:26 pm  

aren't they right??

יש (Yosh) 3:09 pm  

off topic:

why did I read "dayjob jawjaw" as blowjob? Too much J-consonant?

Did u venture into Sabon-gari, this time?

419isanart 5:59 pm  

Just thought to drop by Jeremy's blog for the first tiime.I will keep coming back.Just started my own blog.I am feeling naijablog plenty!

Zahratique 10:31 pm  

@ Gods child: errr, you cant find KILSHI at a SUYA spot! Kilishi and Suya two very very different things prepared in very very different ways.

Besides, I kind of gathered Jeremy is Vegetarian, so suya or kilishi is out of the question. Kaduna has this really nice set of Cafes close to independent way on ur way to Kabala costain, I'm sure you would have found a really nice place to eat there...probably even strictly vegetarian restaurants.

foxybrown,  7:30 pm  

Na wa for you Jeremy.
"At first I thought they were gay till I heard their convo - they were US soldiers"..

No gays in the army abi?
I would not have paged you as one to fall back on stereotypes...

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