Friday, September 28, 2007

The Onion on Nigeria...

Here. Merci Oleander for the linkage..


Chxta 2:22 pm  

This is the worst (and daftest) panel I've ever had the misfortune of listening to.

Jeremy 5:22 pm  

Evidently you've not encountered the Onion phenomenon before C.

Its supposed to be daft..

Anonymous,  8:04 pm  

I love it! Too funny.

Chxta 10:11 pm  

No, this would be a first. I'll investigate it further...

UndaCovaSista 10:20 pm  

Lol. Very John Stewartesque...

catwalq 5:19 am  

I am on the floor laughning my arse off...
and I am sure those so called "intellectuals" will go home and say that they got a chance to talk about some real issues...
and they say Africans are uneducated...

Marin 9:59 am  

ROFLMAO!!!!! More like the... first one.....

The Onion should realise that we don't get satire, even when its staring us in the face, especially when its about our nation

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