Monday, September 24, 2007

Lagos emergency numbers

Please pass on this message:

The Lagos State Government in its effort to improve the security situation in the state has created some telephone numbers on which members of the public could make Emergency calls if they notice any security threat.

The numbers are as follows:


Multilinks subscribers are to call 100.

Remember to add 01 before the number if you are calling from GSM lines.

The numbers are also prominently positioned on Lagos Live.


Anonymous,  5:55 pm  

Knowing Nigeria, those numbers will probably not work. I remember the days of SARS in Oyo State - you'd call them, and they'd say "no fuel"


Naija o!

Iyaeto 6:12 pm  

Hope it works

Anonymous,  6:31 pm  

is this a joke??

will anyone even remember these numbers by heart? why are they so long and complicated?

if my hands are shaking, there is no way i'll actually get the numbers right lookin at it talk less of if i have to recall what they are in the first place.

Fred 7:25 pm  

It's one thing to have telephone numbers, it's quite another to have a cohesive, efficiently appropriate response. One, alas, does not lead to the other.

Anonymous,  8:43 pm  

Yeah right! And the cops will come running. As if...!

Uche,  2:36 am  

I dial the numbers then what??? Huge friggin joke! People better have a back up plan than calling these numbers!!

Sean Jacobs 5:35 am  

Been enjoying your musings on life in Naija. I made a link to my 'hit list.' Great blog.

Anonymous,  3:34 pm  

and even if you do call the numbers and the police do turn up... then what? At best you'll get money extorted out of you, and at worst they'll arrive and start shooting. The police have no way of investigating a crime, other than using brute force. Ten will get you one the caller is more likely to get arrested than any criminal.

Anonymous,  4:04 pm  

such predictable negative comments. here's hoping none of us ever has to find out if it actually works.

geemanemma 12:54 pm  

Things are bad we know, but a little faith and encouragement is what the person that is determined to make a change needs from us to press on. Try 767, one of the emergency numbers though not on this list, and you may be in for a positive surprise

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