Saturday, January 05, 2008

Le maison Gandhi

I enjoyed visiting the house where Gandhi lived in Bombay immensely...


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 7:00 pm  

I just went through all the pictures up to the lizard on window...lovely. Made my day cos I woke up very unhappy but afew things have been cropping up to kind of make the day slowly come into its own pleasantness...nothing like the works of other architects to get me thinking. Will be back...can I borrow the pics? well since, I won't return them, can I use them?

Jeremy 7:14 pm  

Hey Catwalq - feel free...

lolaojiks 8:01 pm  

Visited the Gandhi house in Feb 2006 and found it a really interesting/profound experience

Waffarian 3:55 pm  

cool pics Jeremy.

Bitchy 8:25 am  

I did too!

The dolls exhibit was so impressive, especially the riot and protest scenes. The library looked really extensive too but there was no time to go through it.

Sandrine,  5:08 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Glad you had a nice trip.
Happy New Year!
Not to be picky but since for once it is my language you are using: "La maison" is the correct version.
Take care.


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