Monday, January 21, 2008

Teju Cole on Qarrtsiluni

Here. You can download the mp3 version at the bottom or right-click and save-as here.


Dave 8:17 pm  

Thanks for the link to qarrtsiluni. You can view all seven of Teju Cole's contributions to the magazine here.

Moni 8:59 pm  

Help me understand the purpose having people who can't clearly communicate the story (for example, butchering the names) doing the reading?

Sandrine,  4:36 pm  

As always I enjoyed Teju's writing (thanks Dave for the link).As soon as I read the first few lines,it felt like the beginning of a book in progress.Or am I wishful thinking?
I put the link for qarrstiluni in my bookmark toolbar along with travelpundit and naijablog.

Moni 1:15 am  

btw, I just received my Teju Cole, Every Day is for the Thief. It arrived from Brooklyn, NY.

The book cover looks Naija in origin, with a printed price of N700. Very cool.

Dave 2:37 am  

Moni, I suggest you address your question to the author himself. I had no role in the production of that recording.

jc,  6:16 pm  

N700 that's really cool. how can we get it in the UK? I guess I should just get my mother to bring it next month. Congrats to the Cassava Republic people. I hear good things about the quality and price of your books. Keep up the good work.

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