Friday, January 11, 2008

Marylebone High Street

Waiting for a shop to open on my last morning for a while in London on Wednesday, I ordered an espresso on Marylebone High Street. Then, the sound of horses. Rushing outside, perhaps a hundred of them clip-clopping past. They were military. Each rider had to hold at least another horse as well as the one they rode. The horses were beautiful, pure-bred latencies of energy, contrasting nicely with the urbanity.

London is home. Its where extraordinary events like this happen every day.


obinna izeogu 7:47 pm  

sounds like you miss "home": a bit of hysteresis. maybe?

Bitchy 10:15 pm  

This event is not extraordinary. It happens every other week on a random weekday morning, bloody early in the morning, outside my home. The first time it happened, I rushed to the window in excitement. Now, I hate the clippety cloppers.

BK,  6:04 pm  

Yes - these guys go up West End Lane as well - changing their times, so as to avoid any attacks (I guess). I love it and would disagree with really is what makes London. Early one morning on the way to work a few weeks ago(I think it was Christmas eve) I saw them leaving Regent's park all in fancy dress..some dressed as fairies in tutus...I felt I had chanced upon their own in house joke ..and I didn't have my camera on me!

Naapali 5:45 am  

Not much different from the Fulanis driving their cattle up the street I lived in in Kaduna. Soldiers/horses, fulani/cattle, all clattering on asphalt.

culturalmiscellany 2:42 pm  

I live on the same road as Wimbledon tennis courts. The sound of the police horses coming down the street for me mark the start of Wimbledon season, its special to me.

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