Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three nightmare

Please, if you live in the UK and are considering taking out a phone contract, do not go near Three. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you have the slightest problem, you end up being transferred to their call centre in Bangalore, where you get trapped in vicious circles and catch-22 logics. If you have to send proof of address or signature for any reason, there is no way anything you send will be accepted. They will not be able to tell you why they do not accept your proof of address - because that is a back office department the front office call centre staff have no access to. And, if you have to terminate, they will charge you a whopping fee. And, once you have terminated the contract, they will still send you another bill. All the while, you waste hours of time speaking to people who tell you the same unhelpful things.

Its interesting that a 'global' company like Hutchison (owners of Three) have such a dysfunctional customer service process and yet can still make money. What does that say about the telecoms sector in general? This experience speaks loud of why customer service outsourcing to another country can destroy the customer experience, and ultimately, doesn't pay. Three have just lost a customer, and, hopefully, anyone reading this who might have been thinking of switching to them.

It seems 02 is the best option if you want to use the phone in the UK and in Nigeria, abi?


Anonymous,  1:08 pm  

Iz true o, the 3 situation can be bad o! I sha threatned to leave them and they gave me a pretty good deal to stay so I did. Nowadays, I just hope not to have any problems that will require customer service attention.

Meanwhile, Aussie friend says 3 is really hip out there and is the coolest network for yuppies. Was glad to hear they can get it right... somewhere.

lanre,  5:04 pm  

how does 02 work in both nigeria and the UK, is there a good roaming deal or something? please what's the 411 on that?

Anonymous,  1:24 am  

Nope. Dont think it is 02. Believe it or not, its actually globacom

Christian Writer 4:58 pm  

Jeremy, long time. 02 is the best option. Long ago, as an African traveller, when other UK networks were dragging their feet and telling me that Nigeria was out of bounds for them roaming-wise, my trustworthy 02 was there, working hard to save my derriere in the most trying circumstances. You name the African country, it worked there. The only exception being Liberia, but then I went there about 6 months after the war so it's not surprising that it didn't work.

Their call centre is based in the UK so all those complex situations that cannot be explained to non-UK resident working to a script are easily remedied.

I know I'm going on but I've been with 02 for almost 10 years and nary a complaint do I have. Oga, switch to 02. Your life will be easier and you wouldn't have to deal with me blubbering all over your blog.

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