Friday, January 18, 2008

Sukur, Mountain Kingdom

A good write up (text and pix) of the recent Nigerian Field Society Abuja Chapter trip to Sukur, here.


Waffarian 10:52 pm  

Well done guys! Very nice pics,I especially liked the gates. Well, this is a good idea next time when I land that side!

meanwhile, na naija be dis? why i no dey see am for all the tourist adverts na? oh I forgot, we no get such adverts....hisssssss

culturalmiscellany 2:37 pm  

Those pictures remind me of why I miss Nigeria.

Anonymous,  6:57 pm  

I would love to go on a trip like this when next in Nigeria. However I see one problem; highway robbers and other local neer-do-wells seem to leave expatriate groups alone well alone while locals like myself would be easy prey for trigger happy patrolmen, thieves and fraudsters.
Terrible shame that one fears exploring one's own country but will go hiking in unknown woods elsewhere without a second thought.

Anonymous,  12:07 pm  

well thank you for exploring my home town. I am Sukur by tribe. Thanks for the wonderful job you did with those pictures. Please keep on spreading the news about Sukur Kingdom. We want to make Sukur Kingdom Nigeria's best tourist destination. And for the government to also promote it.

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