Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tai Solarin/Mayflower

How come people don't talk about Tai Solarin and Mayflower school these days? Or do they?


Anonymous,  10:59 pm  

wow, Mayflower on wiki - great.

africa entertainment and sports 12:13 am  

Beleive it or not,Nigerians know their heroes,and Tai is on the top list.Many "big men" today owe their bigness to the educational foundations laid by the likes of Obafemi Awolowo and Tai Solarin.Sometime,someday people will talk much about them.

Barb,  11:31 am  


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 11:41 am  

You know, I never quite knew the man (and I mean, the same way I know, say for instance someone like Wole Soyinka, by having information on him)

I will see if I can get at least one of his books...

kim,  12:54 pm  


Chude! 9:14 pm  

I am an ex-may. Twas A GREAT experience (much as any would say about their alma-mater). Funny enoughm, I dont much care for Tai Solarin. Hiws waife, Sheila, is another matter. And you are right, Jeremy, shame about the lack of attention

Anonymous,  11:15 pm  

I knew Dr & Mrs Solarin (Uncle Tai & Madam, we used to call them).
That my Methodist Priest father would send me to be educated by these avowed atheists says something about the exceptional and unconventional way they promoted sound education.
Tai Solarin will and can never be forgotten.
He lives on in the hearts of many people like me who he has influenced to make a difference in society.
learn more about him at http://www.taisolarin.org

Anthony John 5:22 am  

I remember travelling with Tai Solarin in early 1970 to the recently "liberated" areas of Biafra in his Mayflower lorry with a large group of students to distribute food and clothing to people in Umuahia, Owerri, Aba and several villages who were in desperate straits. Many of the children were suffering from kwashiokor and conditions there were appalling. Nobody else seemed to be helping and Tai Solarin came forward to offer what help he could. This was a man who espoused all the moral principles which religions are supposed to uphold but rarely do in practice. He was a man Nigeria can be proud of; would that there were more like him.

Anonymous,  9:00 am  

Go to stopcorruption-Nigeria.com and see Nigerian heroes in Dream team picture gallery.
You can add your hero if they are not there. Heroes are subject to good work and authenticity.

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