Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fuel shortage

Rumours of a fuel shortage flash flood around Abuja. Within minutes, all petrol stations have queues, and the black market self-organises itself with powerful efficiency. Unemployed youth swagger around, marshalling jerry cans along the road by the stations, ready to offer instant fuel for the mark-up cost of not having to wait. A man drives gently into the back of my car as I wait. I shout at him for about 3 minutes then calm down. Definitely vipassana is doing something. I have learnt to observe with equanimity the sensations of anger, rather than to get immersed within the feeling..

In 2008, its high time those that make big money out of importing fuel, and the links they have to ensuring the refineries don't work, are exposed. A tiny cartel of importers holds the country to ransom, as do those who block the development of a viable energy sector - most notably the people that flog the generators.


Anonymous,  3:10 pm  

"observe with equanimity the sensations of anger, rather than to get immersed within the feeling.."
what does this mean ,exactly? really like to know. please explain. really. i've read statement several times, slowly but i'm not getting it- and i'd really like to. not trying to "catch you". genuinely want to know. would actually like to know whole lot more bout vipassana. fuel queue- schmuel queue. whatever.

twinstaiye 5:18 pm  

I saw the queue swinging up yesterday too, and rather to be panic, I ignore it. But today, alas! the queue dissappear again. I think the panic buying was a result of series of news about government trying to increase the fuel price.

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