Monday, January 14, 2008

Teju Cole on Amazon



In my head and around me 11:23 am  

I love this cover picture. Full of innuendos especially given the title.

ijebuman 12:00 pm  

is the book available via amazon UK ?

Sandrine,  5:50 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I ordered my copy.


Moni 6:53 pm  

thanks, I just bought what looks like the last one

Jeremy 7:08 pm  

There are hundreds of copies available. For some reason, it only says 1 copy available however. Ignore what it says, you can go ahead and order.

Moni 10:02 pm  

Ah great. I'm glad there are lots of copies. I couldn't find it at any other online retailers.

ijebuman 12:29 pm  

Tried to order but it doesn't allow shipping to the UK, hence the earlier question asking if it would be available via Amazon UK

Jeremy 1:43 pm  

Hi Ijebuman. We don't have rights to sell the book in the UK, so we can place on the site. I'll contact the author and we'll work something out so you can get hold of it... Watch this space.

Saymama 6:42 pm  

Jeremy, I've started to read the book, and before I finished the first chapter, went out to Quintessence in Falomo to purchase 3 copies for friends, including one that I mailed to in the States. So this is good news that it's now on Amazon as tons of folks have been asking me.

I'm proud of the work Cassava Republic is doing. More diesel to your elbows :-)

MsMak,  9:26 pm  

Thanks Jeremy, was about to have my sister bring me back a copy when i saw this. Have placed an order...

Anonymous,  11:21 pm  

I read this book. It is tight. So lucid. I bought 10 copies to give out.

Really really enjoyed it. It is nice to have a book coming out of Nigeria that is so well edited. Well done. You will certainly get my support in the future.

Sandrine,  1:49 pm  

I got it yesterday and couldn't put it down.
I recommend it to everybody.

Talatu-Carmen 1:57 am  

Yes!!! Excellent!! I'm so glad you're selling on Amazon now.

Abbas,  10:07 am  

A friend just bought me this book two weeks ago. From the moment I started I couldn't put it down. It is beautifully written. Love love the inclusion of pictures in there. It is so unique. My favourite part is the last chapter when he is back in the cold embrace of the US and he is reminsicing about old lagos and the place where they build coffins. It is so so lovely. Now for someone who is not an avid novel reader, this is a real inspiration to read more. I await more stuff from this writer. Is he likely to tour Lagos?

I have since gone out and bought a few for my friends. How come Glendora and Jazzhole are not selling it giving that they get an honourable mention in the book? In fact they don't have any of your books. They are selling Western edition of both Helon Habila's book Waiting for an Angel and Measuring Time for the outreagously expensive price of N2500 and N2700 respectively. Quintesssence next door are selling beautifully desigened Nigerian version for N700 and N850. What is this about?

Please note that Quintessence only had one copy left when I went last week and people are recommending this book.

Well done to Cassava Republic. Love the name by the way. I beg please keep bringing us good affordable books and Nigerians will continue to support.

One question that is bugging me: are you guys a none-for-profit? how come your books are so cheap? I beg, I am not complaining O. I just want to know why the cheapest book in Farafina's stable is N800 and thats your most expensive? I am trying to understand the rationale for the cheapness of your books. Is that we are just dupped by many a Nigerian publishers and booksellers? or is that you guys are funded as a non-for-profit.

I have gone for too long. I recommend everyone to buy and read Teju Cole

Anonymous,  4:01 pm  

I just got delivery of this book yesterday. Glad you can buy it on Amazon now. I read it last night and was completely awed by the poetic simplicity of the prose and approach to subject matter. You could close your eyes and don't realise this is aNigerian author. It is a total departure from your usual writing coming out of Nigeria. I must admit I thought the bit about the burning child was just too predictable. yet there is a tenderness that radiates throughout this book.

kudos to auhtor and publisher

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