Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I get into a black-and-yellow Bombay taxi - the ones with the bench seats. A Sikh guy is behind the wheel. We set off along Marine Drive (I'm headed for the Buddhist caves on the city's rim). As is the custom, his first question is 'Where you from?'. I replied British. His answer was pure delight:

Graham Gooch!

Its worth the price of the ticket to India to have an answer like that. It turns out GG had sat where I sat, and given him four free passes to the Test match at Wankhede, becoming Mr Papoo Singh's hero forever.


Anonymous,  3:22 pm  

Between Funmi Iyanda and Mo Abudu, whos copying who?

I saw this link now

Anonymous,  5:39 pm  

I saw Moments with Mo and I have Funmi at New Dawn, there is no comparison. Funmi is clearly a veteran at this. Mo is still not very comfortable in front of the camera. She asks really benal questions and still doesn't know not to use so much facial expression and gestures on TV. It is distracting. But I wish her luck. She can only get better with time.

Uzo 11:53 am  

Ah yes....India and Cricket....

During our stay in Mumbai, our hotel was right across the street from the cricket bowl where India played Australia and became world champions (20/20)and it was amazing to be there. People screamed, cried, damn near lost their minds

Anengiyefa 10:46 pm  

catwalq, here's your answer

KemiMamaLopes 2:29 am  

First thing that came to mind when I read the name Graham Gooch, big moustache, then I got confused with WG Grace. Hmm. It's all cricket!

Anonymous,  4:31 pm  

You can see some Nigerian cricket activity at the following sites..


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