Friday, September 04, 2009

Big mango in hand

Olly brought a big mango from Wuse market today. It was the same size as his head. He made a desert with it, with water melon and coconut strips. It gave the ensemble a tart undertone. Big things cannot be sweet, can they?


Sassy Trends 6:59 am  


saul 8:01 am  

you're quite sweet sometimes J.

chayoma 9:34 am  

Damn, that's huge.

Anonymous,  3:51 pm  

not true, there are lots of sweet big mangoes especially from benue. picking them is an art though.

Anonymous,  8:44 pm  

Pornographic title.

Anonymous,  9:02 pm  

bloody thing is unripe.

Anonymous,  8:42 pm  

To:jeremy,who posted Big Mango in hand.Could i send you some money for about 12 of those huge mangoes.Ill send the money Western Union.Thanks

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