Friday, September 18, 2009

Timipre Sylva's crib - Gloryland Castle


Anonymous,  12:49 pm  

Bufoon governor, such naivete. What was the point of this interview with the BBC? His intentions may be 'noble' but what exactly did he think the interview would do to help his image or his state? Looks to me like the upkeep of the house alone could consume their 3 million revenue.

Richard,  3:57 pm  

Methinks the saddest part about SubSaharan Africa's political landscape is how it has evolved such that the dumbest, and the most vain, set of people are the ones that rule over us. I really don't know how it came about but it's really sad. I do not think other cultures have their smartest brains in govt but neither do they have their dumbest.
How the governor could not notice the interviewer's apparent bemusement (or is it amusement?)is beyond me. We can do better than these dimwits.

Obi-talker 12:27 am  

this is so crazy

Anonymous,  7:36 pm  

In shock!!! i think what i find more amusing is nincompoops smiling gleefully into the camera like Goats that have been lured into the fucking slaughter house. I am PISSED.

Anonymous,  1:36 am  

unbelievable. Rich nigerians never fail to live up to the 'stereotype' of being selfish, self-obsessed, calculating, materialistic, money and power hungry twats.

Anonymous,  3:00 pm  

bufoonery at the highest level! SMH!

Anonymous,  2:24 pm  

What a prick

Anonymous,  8:37 pm  

We all should visit the gloryland castle and make our wishes come true!!!

Osaka...,  12:09 am  

I agree, what is the point of the 'welcome to my crib' interview... Did he say $30mil a month??
God Save Nigeria!!!!

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