Friday, April 28, 2006

Causes and woes

Online health research is addictive. So many diseases and illnesses to choose from; so many bodily bits and pieces that can go wrong, become infected, so many parasites that need to be zapped. Its lovely to know in detail exactly what is giving me sleepless nights and restless days. Entamoebia Histolytica is a bummer.


Akin 7:15 am  


Having read the detail, it seems probable or even implausible.

Methinks, as they say, the function of an expert is not necessarily to get it right, but to get things wrong for more sophisticated reasons.

It will almost corroborate the "poisoned by the maid" assertion - one wonders if they have really homed in on the problem - however, I do hope they really have - bow ties and all!

Anonymous,  12:05 pm  

Beware, Jeremy...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Olawunmi 12:24 am  

enta-who? jeremy!!!

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