Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jeremy's health: an update

Ok its official: I am the proud owner of an amoeba. Copious tests reveal I also have a slight urinary infection. My good friend and doktor, the superhero Dr B (one of Nigeria's unsung wonderful beings) has given me the necessary pills and instructions. The health insurance people also got me to seek a second opinion who turned out to be a sweet old doctor with a bow-tie and a spritely outcrop of silver hair (who turns out to be OBJ's physician): he confirmed the prognosis. So, although I feel awful, I have some piece of mind. This experience reminds me again of how pathetic I am whenever I am ill compared to Bibi's granite like self-belief and practical positive self-healing attitude. We men are so pathetic about our illnesses most of the time (come on, be honest!) Mr Worst Case Scenario married to Ms Best and Only Case Scenario.

The cause of my malady I think is our new cleaner and vegetable-preparer. She has bad body odour so we are trying to gently instruct her in personal hygene.

The flame trees are aflame on our street. They're really quite beautiful.


the flying monkeys 8:08 pm  

there is a need to be careful in naija before taking any prescriptions, especially where it is handed to one by the doctor

Nkem 8:16 pm  

Jeez, Jez! BO giving you bacterial infections? Come off it man! If the body can be self-healing, surely it can be "self-cleaning" :)

somborri,  8:49 pm  

oh look see now, the doctor thinks its a bug and has given you more medicine...which hospital is this? obviously national hospital is not in my good books, but i hope it isnt zankli...because i was admitted there once and believe it or not, they did not come up with a diagnoses...first it was malaria (being a fine connossieur of malarial symptoms, i didnt believe this)then it was typhoid, then it was ameobic typhoid or was it ameobic dysentry then god knows whatelse. basically they didnt know what it was and gave me an arsenal of drugs to just kill anything in sight, i was there for about a week. my father requested for the case file and was livid when he read the treatment regimen...he wrote a letter to the bosses completely telling them off (my mom recounted the story to me in awe lol)
i think it is good that you are getting a second opinion, lol if you need a third pls let me know!. i hear the doctors at LUTH are also worth their salt. also if you are in doubt of your medicine. perhaps you could get in contact with hospitals owned by chevron, shell? im 101% sure they dont get fake drugs
on a lighter note. when did you move to nigeria? you may just be adjusting... before i went to school in abuja...malaria was a once a year occurrence, but in my first two years and possibly into the third.. i had malaria twice a term, which is like in twice in three months and many students were worse, so it may just be adjusting...but tread lightly

just reading your new post...its now an ameoba lol are you trying to copy me...i hope you get well soon though

big ups to your wife!

Anonymous,  9:17 pm  

They didn't call it the white man's grave in jest...

Imnakoya 10:37 pm  

I have been following your health struggles with keen interest, and I’m glad your diagnosis did not disappoint me. You had a parasitic infection! The manifestation of which is similar to malaria- you know the headache, fever, malaise etc.

While cases of malaria are often under treated (when the diagnosis is right) in Nigeria, your ordeal suggests that malaria is probably over diagnosed and over-treated in Nigeria.

Be well J, and quit drinking those concoctions; there is really no difference between them and oyinbo pills- they are toxic when used in excess.

nigeria, what's new 11:07 am  

Your second opinion! "who turned out to be a sweet old doctor with a bow-tie and a spritely outcrop of silver hair (who turns out to be OBJ's physician)", dear bibi, its time to call in the Red Cross. OBJ's physician & co are sequestered to practice on the wealthy few. Net result, little experience. Live to fight another day, come to sunny costa and get well.

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