Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Naija URLs

One curious phenomenon I've noticed is that increasingly, Nigerian small businesses like to have a website address in their adverts and on the sign boards outside their premises. If you actually go online and tap in the designated URL, oftentimes you will be disappointed. The prestige of having a website address is not often matched with actually having a website. I suppose it is however one baby step in the digital direction...


ayoke,  9:16 pm  

It's all part of 'efizzy' (a very warped phenomenon, if you ask me). Very ridiculous, though, 'cause it boomerangs back in your face if it's discovered that your so-called website doesn't exist.

Akin 12:56 am  

Let us just say it is the extension of that interesting sign that says London-trained tailor or seamstress.

Then, we could not ask for evidence of that sojourn in London, how with URLs we can do the research and find out.

But, I wonder which is worse, a blank URL or page design that fits in the hall of fame of Web Pages That Suck?

Kayode Muyibi 11:09 am  

Well I suppose its good news, that there is awareness, so the next step would be working on establishing a proper prescence.

I think a page design that fits in the hall of fame of Web Pages That Sucks would be a baby step.

nigeria, what's new 12:01 pm  

We would be glad to give those "Nigerian small businesses" a free web page that includes design and hosting. All they have to do is email their info to [email protected] or visit

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