Thursday, April 06, 2006

Radio Abeokuta

There's some interesting/funny stuff on Radio Abeokuta's site, including this Flash animation story in Yoruba. If only I could read it...


Anonymous,  12:32 pm  

Jeremy otu gbe titun de

the incredible translator,  12:55 pm  

"I was very unhappy to learn of the old woman's death. Tope and I went from there to a nearby bush to share a secret. He/She told me about this husband of yours/hers..."

Jeremy 1:07 pm  

e se gaani incredible translator..

Anonymous,  1:20 pm  

Nigerian language! Fantastic!

With all that oil. Naija does not need to follow any country or body. We should go our own way. We should develop systems that suit us. Who says we need to practice democracy, where you have a president or prime minister. Cant we just have what suits us. And let this develop.

If we go our way, others will follow.

somborri,  6:33 pm  

lol this is random, but hey listen to this (and sing it to your wife)

st antagonym,  4:39 pm  

I have just downloaded Tosin MARTINS. Never heard of her but she seems fantastic. Sweet.

Thanks sombori.

"....Iru omo ti mo fe ba e darugbo...iwo ni mo fe ma jiri...."

Where's Molara wood?

somborri,  6:35 am  

oooh at st antagoynm...tosin martins is a guy otherwise he wouldnt be going 'babi gba oruko mi'

your welcome mom thinks ive gone crazy cos i sing it all time

st antagonym,  11:38 am  

It doesn't really matter though. When we are conceived, male or female, for a very short while, same. You cannot differentiate.

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