Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hail Otunba

Today its Otunba (Dr) Mike Adenuga, oga patapata of Globacom's birthday. I know because practically every page of today's This Day has a sycophantic encomium plus pic dedicated to the man.

You have to admire his hutzpah - apparently he is going to invest $700million into India and is going ahead with his London-Lagos fibre link, which should finally put paid to decent bandwidth relying on the SAT-3 cartel. So, happy 53rd birthday Otunba and please finish the cable link quicktime so we can have a rival to DSTV and cheap bb.


Akin 9:43 am  


I probably have lost count of how many right hands kings (Otunba - right-hand man of the king) in Yorubaland have.

I remember just about 3 years ago when my father was honoured along with 6 other colleagues of his with the Otunba title.

Amidst the deep religious misgivings of the first family and the more congratulatory stance I took, together with the concerns of animist sacrifices and all; I thought we were about to out-number the number of hands Hindu gods normally have.

In the end, I could see the viewpoints of all sides.

Otunba seems to be replacing the Western Mr. or the Yoruba Ogbeni.

ayoke 11:30 pm  

True, Otunba Akin.

nigeria, what's new 8:52 am  

What a way to stay stupid forever! It is no longer about our traditions. The "oga sir" era must now die.

Akin 5:00 pm  

Oga sir! is easy - how do you handle the majority that are in the serfdom of Ranka ya dede?

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