Saturday, April 08, 2006

More on Big Brother Nigeria

Things have become seriously promiscuous on BBN. One minute Ebuka is smooching with Helen, the next he's on top of Francisca in full view of the others, foxy madam wrapping her legs around him and drawing him in. I can't imagine how outraged Religious Nigeria is at the moral turpitude. Its all a bit depressing: promiscuity is the laziest form of youthful rebellion. It's ok in my book if promiscuity (with a condom) is in the mix with political resistance, intellectual dialogue long into the night, creative experimentation in other spheres; but promiscuity for its own sake sans les autres is as dull as watching porn for an hour. The contestants are vain and empty headed: part of the lost generation who didn't get the chance of a decent education. Meanwhile, the text messages that scroll across the screen are at least as incoherent as the conversation in the house, replete with spelling mistakes and adolescent commentary.

Maybe this comment says more about me: I'm becoming an old fart. Stick a random bunch of twenty somethings from anywhere in the world together in a small house for a few weeks and you are going to watch a lesson in the hypermundane commodified universe we live in unfold (reality tv really is the end-game for passive television). But I can't help but look back to my twenties and remember it was promiscuity plus everything else a confused adventurous student would get into. The trouble brewing for Nigeria is that the youth often seem to be more conservative (albeit a confused, promiscuous kind of conservatism) than the older generations. They have been beaten into submission, when what is needed is a youthful riot of creativity and world-changing optimism. We need Marxist Nigerians, Zen buddhist Nigerians, situationist Nigerians, and new homegrown ideologically driven Nigerians sprouting a thousand new languages of resistance. The desire for all this I'm sure is out there. Somehow the dots needed to be connected with fora and associations for adventurous young minds.


Anonymous,  6:38 am  

xcuse me? 'religious nigeria' abeg, you are carrying this your obsession with the religious nigeria too far...'religious nigeria' can either not afford dstv or is not watching it

take a deep breath...before you indeed become an old fart!

grace,  2:03 pm  

"Religious Nigeria" is watching and enjoying themselves. The religious in Nigeria are the ones you see on BBN and the ones texting. They are Francisca, Ebuka etc. They aren't as far-out as you expect.

Olawunmi 6:06 pm  

yes, you're becoming an old fogey. an ultra-conservative, wrinkly jumper and slippers old man.

put a bunch of young people in a house with copious amounts of drink and nothing to do but sit around all day and what do you exect?

regardless what the religious heads might think, there are very few people who would behave differently in those circumstances, if you're too square, you'd be voted off promptly by those same "promiscuous" housemates.

maybe you're becoming more nigerian than the nigerians?

Monef 5:26 am  

actually, i find it quite reassuring that big brother nigeria has pretty much turned out to be no different from big brother UK or US for that matter. Jeremy, every so often you need to take a chill pill....there are plenty of nigerians dreaming of revolution...they just wouldn't be caught dead in the big brother house!

tout noir 12:16 pm  

Would you hold housemates on the British or US versions to the same standards? This is a show designed to entertain; it's not exactly a serious-minded political think-tank. Take it easy dude.

PS - More than 90% of Nigerians cannot afford DSTV. The religious (hypocrites!) Nigerians aren't watching. The show is pretty much an upper-middle class/upper class phenomena. Sad but true.

Naijadude 4:49 am  

I beg to differ with tout noir, the show lacks class, its a mixture of run-away ill-educated indiduals. I dont think some upper-class Nigerians will actually watch that trite over-rated show....I asked my friends, just a handful were even aware its on.

Jeremy...u are one hell of a uber-conservative.....your point of criticism on anything "Nigerian" is just way over board. dude slow ur roll ! abegi

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