Thursday, April 20, 2006

Herbal medicine in Nigeria

Herbal medicine, both native and Chinese, is undergoing something of a renaissance in Nigeria - there are several companies who have expanded in the past few years and are starting to acquire NAFDAC licensing for their products. One widely trusted outfit which focuses on indigenous remedies is Pax Herbal, based out of a Benedictine Monastery on the Benin-Auchi road in Edo State.

Their products are widely available (for instance in Abuja and Lagos) - mostly in Catholic establishments. These people really know their onions (and garlic, and charcoal, and agbo etc etc). They do a very good herbal remedy for resistant malaria, treatments for fibroids etc. They say on the label if their product is NAFDAC approved and if it is not (which is a good sign I reckon). For more information, email [email protected]


tobs 5:22 pm  

Jeremy, this must the perfect thing for you; it will cure your malaria for good and it is 100% vegan! Can it get any better!

the flying monkeys 10:05 pm  

i would agree with tobs. Better this than an infected needle

Anonymous,  5:32 am  

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Anonymous,  2:48 pm  

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Anonymous,  11:15 am  

pls i need help.

I need an herbal product for restoring a yellow teeth.

Also is there any herbal product that can help restoring one true body color?

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Anonymous,  1:24 am  

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Anonymous,  4:37 pm  

i would like to know about traditional plants used in Nigeria, ways forward and the challenges

esenzehealth 1:34 pm  

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Herbowski 12:12 pm  

Interesting article. I've been using medicinal herbs myself for a longer period of time, and I can say that they can actually treat and prevent many diseases for which most people would use pharmaceutical products. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives.

Mahira,  4:35 pm  

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Anonymous,  11:51 am  

Is there a genuine cure for HERPES in Nigeria

Anonymous,  11:40 pm  


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uche 6:10 pm  

need a herbal remedy for vaginal itching, ghonorhea, sphilis, etc that is NAFDAC approved. Pls calll 08037099941

uche 6:21 pm  

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Chief UMANAH 4:36 pm  

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Chyka 12:33 pm  

Sure, trado-medicine is on the rampage recently and the good thing is, they are really effective. I have seen people treat all kinds of ailments with them. If you need the original Chinese Herbal Products, contact me on 08023592550, my name is Chyka, cheers.

Chyka 12:37 pm  

Herbal medicine is good and really effective especially the Chinese ones, get yours from trusted sources, call Chyka on 08023592550 for curative health products for all ailments and diseases.

Anonymous,  8:59 pm  

please i would love to know more herbal medicine

Anonymous,  4:34 pm  

It's not surprising considering the fact that most orthodox drugs are actually made from herbal extracts.Taking herbal products in supplement form is hygienic and safer because of its prescribed dosage.
Swissgarde South Africa has one of the most effective, quality herbal products in Nigeria.I've had lot's of good feed back from my customers.

Anonymous,  12:18 pm  

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Chyka 3:34 pm  

Herbal remedy is the best, another one that is really effective is the Chinese Greenworld Health Products which I got from a dealer, interested? Call her @ 08023592550. I got relieved of deadly Hepatitis through her prescriptions. Let everybody embrace herbal cure.

Chyka 8:32 pm  

Please if you need to know more about herbal medicine and the most effective brands in the industry in Nigeria, call 08023592550 or write [email protected]. Have a good day, bye.

legal herbal 1:44 pm  

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