Monday, April 03, 2006

What a party..

Lagos was a gas. We went to our friend T's 40th birthday party at The Guest House, a discreet and well designed joint in deepest Ikoyi. The party (wear what you want from the 60's/70's/80's/90's) had been meticulously planned and themed by her friend Sola. Sola's expertise is in table setting, and it showed. She auditioned dj's in advance - the one she got played constant keep-on-the-dancefloor funk and 70's 80's stuff all night. Before that, Asha sang sweetly, with her rickety slightly out of tune old guitar.. Before that, an excellent band played funky jazz standards then some jujuy stuff.

Everything about the evening was detailed and thought through (basmati rice, veuve cliquot etc), not a trace of idea la need. Our friend T danced till morning song. It was easy to imagine that it was 1963 and everybody was filled with independence fervour. With all the afros and short skirts (sadly, with jeans underneath) I wondered whether such innocent excitement for the times could ever be recovered again and Good Times for all will roll. We are not yet at a point where the forces of optimism and a positive nation-building spirit are stronger than the forces of cynicism. One day it may come.

Toks and friend rocking into the morning.

This corduroy look kinda reminds me of Starsky and Hutch and the Rockford Files..

Mo Abudu avec Afro..

Asha. I haven't seen her play for a year or so. She's a class act these days. Think she could go global.

Winners of the "most funkadelic dress" award of the evening. These two didnt stop dancing till dawn, all the time wearing those hot and sweaty wigs.


Styl Council 1:20 pm  


I agree...those two derserve to be winners!!1 Great dress sence a la Carwash!!!
Wished i was there xxx

Gbemi's Piece 12:01 am  

Nice blog! I am friends with the couple that won so it's good to see their picture. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun!

Akin 2:17 pm  

Errr! 1963 was Republican fervour, 1960 was the Independence year.
Basically, Nigeria became a republic in 1963 having been independent since 1960.

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