Friday, April 21, 2006


Today was spent drifting in and out of states. I listened to some Radio 4 podcasts, taking refuge in Melvyn Bragg and Andrew Marr's sonorous enquiries with various high-minded bookish punters. Then I read some more of Mishra's book on the Buddha: the last 150 pages are a huge disappointment, the editor should be at least metaphorically defenestrated for allowing Mishra to ramble on without form. Then I took refuge in our small library of vegan cookbooks, musing on hypothetical futures full of polenta, delicious anti-pasti, delicately nuanced rissotos and home made vegan ice-cream. As a cook, I am yet a failure, lacking patience and any sense of culinary imagination. I continue to dream one day I will possess both in abundance in a new improved version of myself. Reading cookbooks is a bridge between the two realms.

Then I watched the news: events unfolding near the Buddha's homeland in Nepal. Its interesting to see people-power swell and burst out, as we saw in the Ukraine last year. On local tv, a new political party, the ACD (I think Advanced Congress for Democracy) launched in Abuja. Allowing the launch to go ahead without being broken up was a triumph in itself. I caught Tinubu (gov of Lagos State) giving a speech. He is astonishingly inarticulate, lacking any vestige of oratorical prowess. However, at least there are the remnants of a people-centric mission in what was said. His slurred thoughts are indicative of how far divorced the political class have become from the vestiges of an intelligentsia in Nigeria. It is only to be hoped that the next regime help to develop think-tanks and invite diasporic intellectuals back into the fold in some way or other (is this too much to hope for?)

Meanwhile, I studied Bibi making Thai curry just now, hoping that some of her kitchen-wisdom would rub off.

Thanks to the Yoruba readership for all your bawdy encouragements. Truly, the world that resides within the Yoruba language has at least the depth of Shakespeare and the Elizabethans. I am glad I am still with my oko.


Anonymous,  7:01 pm  

don't you mean you're glad to still be with your 'iyawo'?

the flying monkeys 7:05 pm  

Ogbeni Weate,

Nice you are back.

Have you ever considered establishing/publishing a newspaper in Nigeria?

Jeremy 8:07 pm  

oko as in male member, not as in husband. Of course, every oko needs an iyawo, in both senses. Can't do the accents with the technology..

There's a newspaper coming Ogbeni Obokun.. more details later.

Nkem 8:59 pm  

I think King Gyanendra can now officially be called a dumbass. It was inevitable that this would happen. If the people are willing to die for their cause, they eventually win. And the people on the streets of Kathmandu were not going to give up despite the shoot-to-kill curfew. Sooner or later, the security forces realise that the people they are brutalising are one of them, could easily be a family member. This is why many a revolution such as the Carnations, Roses, Oranges etc can be relatively bloodless.

I have heard Bola Tinubu speak before, and he is the embodiment of doddering inarticulacy and has obviously had a charisma removal operation. That said, I believe the ACD is a good idea, and could be an important counterbalance to the PDP juggernaut. A "nascent democracy" like Nigeria's can't afford to have a party as dominant as the PDP - power corrupts.

ayoke,  9:12 pm  

Good, Jeremy. You can make some of your commentators here 'political editor' (I recommend Akin), 'style editor' (Sisi-Oge, of course!), 'sarcasm editor' (maybe moi! thanks to Akin)... And st antonym fits the perfect sage (no doubt looks the part).

You don't have to remunerate; we're already doing it for free on this blog. Problem is the fourth estate of the realm is supposed to be as objective as possible (though, admittedly, should be the conscience of the common man).

Anyway, just kidding. All the very best with the venture. 'Hope to see it soon.

the flying monkeys 10:00 pm  

Good luck with the publication. Hope nothing as risqué as "dauda the nacker"

That said, I agree with you that, "...every oko needs an iyawo..."

But also, I think every oko (husband) needs his oko (member)

Akin 10:25 pm  

This is one matter I tried to touch on in my tribute to the Queen. [1]

The fact that absolute monarchies [2]that do not evolve into constitutional monarchies would obviate themselves as the Romanovs, Hollenzollerns and Hapsburgs did as the First World War ended.

People of the world are moving from being subjects and servants in fiefdoms to citizens with determination.

Even hereditary titles does not confer a god-given right of ruler-ship on any man anymore. It has to earned and nurtured through interaction.

What is required is leadership and vision, however, that quality is being subsumed to focus groups, think tanks, polls and consultants.[3]

Rarely, do you hear a speech as moving as Churchill mobilised his people or ML King as he mobilised the oppressed.

It is all about influence and what money can buy rather than persuasive logic and ideas that command respect and are worthy of acceptance.

I would be glad to support any venture to publications in Nigeria, however, I never knew I had the garb for the political.

[1] God Save the Queen - Long live the Queen
[2] News, Opinions and Propaganda
[3] Absolute Monarchy

the flying monkeys 12:30 am  

I think you guys should do it. Nigeria media is very poor. Check this link out NSE lauds Zenith Bank, JP Morgan deal, on my blog. You guys should deliver quality, and close the missing links. We should support financially any such venture.

ayoke,  11:47 am  

Sure, Akin. You do have the garb of the political.

Aside (and I crave Jeremy's indulgence in using his blog for this): How do I navigate round your blog? 'Been trying to leave comments thereon but it seems technology as well as 'beyond literal meanings' fail me. Do offer some advice.

Akin 1:11 pm  

Hi Ayoke,

I would speak to the mayoress of Blog-City to see what options are available to guest comments.

The settings say anyone can leave comments - besides - do you not think it is time to own a blog rather than just rent comment space?

It is not you failing, just technology not following the logic of your expectations. We all meet that situation a lot more than we allude to.

the flying monkeys 1:34 pm  

Ayoke may already own a blog. All the same I should agree with you. I think it is the way Jeremy wants his blog. For bloggers, member and non-members including the mr and mrs anonymous of this world, to leave comments. Jeremy would be aware of the options available to him on restrictions.

ayoke 9:36 pm  

Well, Akin, I have taken the cue and decided to stop renting comment space. Hopefully, this will help with touring your 'blog-city'.

Akin 9:38 am  

Hi Ayoke,

Yes, you took the cue and half-way through submitting my comments, I find I need to be a Blogger to post comments.

I wonder, is your site more restrictive than mine? I need the other option.

You might want to look around a few of the settings on your blog.

Welcome and I am itching to post my comments - can't wait.

Sorry Jeremy,
We are using your blog for smoke signals and graffiti. I apologise.

Styl Council 2:32 pm  

Akin and Ayoke...Please let me style your wedding outfits once you've agreed a date!! And I'm sure jeremy will be more than willing to cover the events on Lagoslive!!:-)...!! I'm loving it...!!!
Oh..Ayoke, thanks for nominating me as the sytle editor for jeremy's publishing venture..

as the song goes ..Love's the air...!!!

Akin 2:46 pm  

Back-pedal and pause!

If anything, imagination is not in sort supply in the comments we find here.

Style, I understand (maybe, I wear a hat and carry a cane), how that veers into match-making escapes me.

Ayoke, Help! I would assume you are already spoken for.

ayoke 5:32 pm  

Ha ha ha! My lips are sealed.

Jeremy, please forgive us all...

Styl Council 11:33 am  

Ayoka...thank u o jare!!! Men are always so coy about this things!!

Jay, i'm sure you love the banter!!! Better than all those other blogs which are so boring and serious they border on being anti-septic!

Sing it with me now....
...Ma cherie amour, pretty little one that i adore....!!:-)

Akin 7:43 pm  

Interesting ...

Coy, I probably am.

But then I am still in a bind, seems I still have to go on bended-knee to have my comments posted to Ayoke's new blog moderated and accepted for publication.

Looking over the wall from this perspective, I'll rather not leap, at least not yet.

Nary a comment would I leave therein till freedom reigns.

ayoke 9:08 pm  

Ha Akin! There we go again... Anyway, I think I've diabled the 'comments moderator' thing. Truth is I'm still trying to grasp this blogging technology, but I dare say I aint doing too badly!

Agreed? Coy Master!

Akin 12:38 am  

Hi Ayoke,

You are doing well (commendation), too well in fact (exasperation).

Your blog seems to have the cosmic phenomenon of black-holes, in what might become the parable of the two lost comments, the question might be - what have you done with the 2 comments I gave you?

I think I am having a bout of histrionics, I need to lie down - in soporific coyness.

ayoke 3:27 pm  

Akin, I honestly do not have your comments hidden anywhere. I think I enabled the comments moderation without including a forwarding e-mail. If you still remember the comments, you can repeat them. Otherwise, there's always more from where the two came from. Your ability to pontificate is not in question!

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