Monday, April 24, 2006

returning to the living

The malaria drugs (paluther + camoquine) knocked the stuffing out of me completely at the weekend. Last night the zombi feeling segued nicely into a high fever. Bibi was up all night wrapping me up to sweat it out, rubbing my feet (the perfect partner). Of course I thought I was dying and kept losing control of my thoughts. For the next few days I'm on fruit only. I don't think I'm going to take western drugs against malaria ever again, they put the body under such a lot of toxic strain.

Anyway, its glad to have just enough strength to start blogging again. My thoughts are with my mate Saul, as he has a major operation on his lower back today in London. Wishing all my readers health and happiness..


Akin 8:40 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

Wishing you the very best of good health as you recover from that scourge.

I am amazed you can handle quinine, my mother was super allergic to it even after she had a healthy doss of anti-histamine, the doctor had never seen anyone swell up like that.

I developed an allergy to quinine after 10, then the reaction was itching palms and soles - you cannot wish that on your worst enemy.

I eventually switched to Fasidar but had to take with it, a sleeping pill and an analgesic.

My head was doing crazy maths, I could not sleep.

The best thing is to find the right agbó condiments to chase this thing away - once and for all.

Pèlé, má fara sílè O

Vixen 6:57 am  

Hey Jeremy,

Pele o...hope you feel totally better soon. Yeah, malaria is a bitch, I'm glad you are kicking it's ass.

My prayers go with Paul.

the flying monkeys 12:19 pm  

clearly a lot of work to be done, because awon contractors wa, OLE NI GBOBON WON..."ditches where mosquitoes breed"

considering the $billions of foreign reserve, here we have the most basic evidence suggesting how we Nigerians including those living very close to the seat of power, can be made to suffer the evil of corruption

and I would take Tolu's suggestion "your own syringes"

and like Akin said Pèlé, má fara sílè O! also, I trust your iyawo is looking after you

nonetheless, Ogbeni Jeremy, welcome to Naija!!!

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