Thursday, June 17, 2010

Air Nigeria

Not sure I like the look of the new iteration of what became of Virgin Nigeria, Jimoh Ibrahim's Air Nigeria.


Myne Whitman 12:36 am  

I think that is a spam site. Below from the vacation page made me laugh..

Sydney to Lagos - More Australian's visit Lagos than any other destination in the world. Our shrimp is tastier, our beaches are warmer, and our land is fresher. If you are sick of watching the penguin parade in Melbourne, and tired of getting burned by all the jelly fish along the coasts, you need to experience life in Lagos. ...Yes, even our fish are friendlier!

London to Zaria - Forget the gay bars that span across the London cityscape. Get out of the tube that makes you look like a rodent in an over-infested metropolitan. Exile yourself from the harsh living conditions of living in smaller than adequate flats. Get a life... Harrods ain't all that. Come to Zaria and experience the real life. No bars, no tube stations, and no flats. Paradise has never felt this good.
Los Angeles to Bambo - Sitting in front of your television while eating a bag of potato chips isn't what I call paradise. So why does the land of fat people do that to relax? Stop your massive over-consumption habits you fat pigs, buy a double plane ticket (one seat for each cheek) and fly your bum down here today. Don't worry, we won't let you starve... this isn't Ethiopia. Bambo will provide you with a whole new world and perspective on life. You will come as one and leave as another.

Akin 1:15 am  

Hello Jeremy,

Of all pictures they could get of airplanes they got one looking like it is doing the rounds of Burma interior having been scavenged from Vietnam.

I would not fly my rubbish on that.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous,  6:53 am  

Fantastic! I really look forward to flying in one of those wingless wonders.

Battaille,  5:33 am  

Pretty fucking hilarious. Who put that shit together? Can't stop laughing.

Duh?,  3:23 am  

That is obviously a satirical website....

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