Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At Callahans General Store

Callahans General Store, originally uploaded by nobodaddy69.


Anonymous,  2:06 pm  

Oooh, rather fetching!

Should you be putting this out?
You are married, right?
Your wife must trust you, or else this is quite risky!

Anonymous,  7:12 pm  

You look like a farmer. I swear.

Anonymous,  7:33 pm  

fine boy no pimples :)

codliveroil,  1:26 am  

Just think in another life you could have been ...(you could pass as a right-winged redneck, as opposed to a left-leaning Englishman braving Nigeria).

Looks can certainly deceive. The saying you can judge a book by it's cover is so true. The many guises of Jeremy.

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