Sunday, June 20, 2010


The first thing I noticed was the jewel-effect on the back of her Blackberry. We were on the Hammersmith and City line train headed east from Paddington. She took a call from the phone. As she spoke - about getting her car fixed - I detected a few yoruba words. When she finished, I asked her se daada ni? It took a few seconds for her to realise what I was saying. She burst into laughter. Her face was like an Ife head, slightly on the round side. She was beautiful. We said our goodbyes when the train reached Euston Square.


2cute4u 8:41 pm  

Hmmmm, Nice and refreshing.. I totally love this..

Fred 5:25 am  

First, stop eavesdropping. Second, I assume you've told wife #1 you're shopping for wife #2?

SHE 8:03 am  

She must have been surprised!

Anonymous,  11:57 am  

It was me. Okay not quite me. But i saw you at the Almeida theatre when Ruined was showing. You looked frailer than i expected. Not that i thought you frail or was that ur brother? I think ur wife was there as well, not sure.

Hmm, you and ur wife must be having temporary issues for you to write this. Pray tell, is this a way of jolting her... perhaps making her notice you again? alittle bit of jealousy won't harm.

Loved the simple write up.

Jeremy 12:05 pm  

@last anonymous. Not only do you insist on being anonymous on this comment, but you also remained anonymous at the Almeida! Come out of the closet!

I am in fine health (alhamdullilahi) and not at all frail.

I always like to chat to people on public transport, so this post doesn't reveal anything about the state of my relationship. Just an hour before, I had a pop-up book club conversation with a chap reading Ian McEwan's Solar on the Heathrow Express for example..

I find people sitting in their own bubbles on the Tube to be a bit bizarre. Call me a villager if you like..

Ademide,  4:09 pm  

More people should take Jeremy's lead and strike up spontaneous conversations with strangers. Londoners tend to be colder than the British weather...

However, I've found that trying to be friendly can backfire spectacularly!

Myne Whitman 5:02 pm  

This is nice, I do that sometimes too but more with people reading books. I imagined your Yoruba accent, I can't speak to save me. :):)

Anonymous,  9:47 pm  

okay, i hope you know that what i wrote was a joke right?

i was too shy to approach you at the Almeida. I am writing a book and i believe i have the potential to be a damn good writer. perhaps i might send you excerpts of my work; what say ye? shoud i? will you read it and give me that below the belt criticism?

i await your reply.

Jeremy 10:06 pm  

My shy new friend. Please email me some excerpts at [email protected] and we'll start from there..

Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

wow!thanks, that was quick. now i am jittery...

Jeremy 10:30 pm  

Don't worry. I'll read whatever you send with an open mind and give you constructive criticism. You will emerge the stronger..

Anonymous,  11:50 pm  

awwww, thanks Jeremy.

Ayo,  8:30 am  

anon, you are good O! you might not emerge stronger but broken! you have been warned

Anonymous,  10:10 pm  

I like u Jeremy....u seem like a genuinely nice guy with his heart in the right places...

Another anon.,  9:19 am  

This back & forth between Jeremy & Anon,na wa o!...seriously,anon you're not trying to flirt with the guy are you? lol...or are you? :)

Naivety has always been the bane of my life...but here,i smell a fish hahaha!

Anonymous,  10:03 pm  

This is the 2nd Anon...apologies to 1st Anon, i shud have used a different id.

@Another Anon...No, I'm not flirting with Jeremy...just merely expressing my admiration.

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