Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Democracy in Naija (yesterday in the House of Reps)


Jaycee 1:11 pm  


Anonymous,  1:54 pm  

utterly disgraceful!

Anonymous,  3:14 pm  

that's what happens when you have thugs and looters masquerading as statesmen. regrettable.

But I really want to know what sparked the fight. It'd be a real surprise if it was something regarding the interests of the nation. But I doubt it.

Myne Whitman 7:29 pm  

And these are representing who again? Pschewww...

UkMedic,  11:49 am  


What a bunch of asinine louts!!

Obi-talker 12:53 pm  

you have actually put something on your blog that I watched. this is so crazy men!!!!!!! like seriously

2cute4u 10:49 pm  

hmmmm, jobless crooks!

Anonymous,  11:23 pm  

Well it's not a big deal and has happened in many democratised nations.... at least they are not pulling out guns yet!!!

In my head and around me 9:36 am  

...when hooligans masquerade as lawmakers....

Anonymous,  8:45 pm  

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