Friday, January 07, 2011

Cuc Gach Quan

We just had a wonderful dinner at a magical restaurant.  If ever you are in Saigon, this place is essential.  Avoiding it is an unforgivable offence and a crime the League of Perfect Experiences will come down heavily upon you for.  Now, how did I end up writing a sentence that ended in for?  Aggghh. I did it again...


Anonymous,  9:36 pm  

Oh pls, you go on too much about your experience blahblah.... I generally find you too much and annoying.

Baba,  3:21 am  

Anonymous Nigga, your bitch ass needs to quit hating. There's more to life than hiding behind computer keyboards and being a voyeur. If you don't like seeing other people's success and adventure stories, then go fuck yourself.

omonaija,  4:16 am  

LOL @ Baba's advice!!....he's probably bored of doing that...

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