Monday, January 17, 2011

When technology goes south

Despite all the billions spent by INEC on laptops and fingerprint scanners (dressed up as buying Direct Data Capturing Machines) it looks as if the gear is not really working, with some of those who have queued up reporting a time of 25 minutes per person.  Perhaps they should have asked MTN how to do it.


Adunni 5:38 pm  

you know i was wondering if i was the only one that thought that inec should have consulted the telcos and the banks and maybe interswitch sef.. i just hope "someone" has not swerved us again o.

Anonymous,  9:48 pm  

Time to Register to Vote

INEC voters registration deadlines are fast approaching. We’re going to need you and every Nigerian; from east to west, north to south to go out and register in massive numbers in order vote out PDP from power in April. After 12 long years of PDP and nothing to show for it, Nigerians are angry, feel justifiably cheated, and disappointed.

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