Monday, January 17, 2011

Fela event at SOAS tomorrow

Fela’s Legacy: Still Suffering and Smiling?
Date: Tuesday 18th  January, 6pm
Venue: Brunei Suite, SOAS, Thornhaugh St, London WC1H0XG

Speakers: Estelle Kokot (South African Jazz Musician)
Dr Sam Kasule (University of Derby)
Rikki Stein (Fela's long-time manager)
Chair: DJ Rita Ray (DJ, Producer, Founding member of The Shrine club night)

Event description:
In Africa music and politics have a long history together. While politicians use music to reach the masses, various artists have used their art forms to speak about the current political climate. Fela Kuti, Nigerian pioneer of afrobeat, used his lyrics to confront government corruption, multi-national corporations, and police brutality. Currently artists like Nneka (Nigeria), Nuru Kane (Senegal), and Kanjii Mbugua (Kenya) are three examples of the musicians that have followed in Fela’s footsteps.
While the musical, Fela! is showing in London, join Estelle Kokot, Dr. Sam Kasule, Rikki Stein and Rita Ray  to discuss the fundamental effects of music in South Africa, Uganda and West Africa on Politics and visa versa.
Following the discussion there will be a performance by South African Jazz musician Estelle Kokot.


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