Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Cabal Amnesty Programme

Another one of Deji's ideas. He's on fire tonight!

An idea – the government could set up a Cabal Amnesty Program (CAP) where the fraudulent companies are encouraged to go through their books and make refunds to the government of any excess payments or fraudulent claims .. Almost without questions. It will be some way of saying ‘we have discovered some payments, and we will make the refunds  in one month to the Government AND the govt can use for the naija people or the SURE program’. This saves the government having to start using resources to prosecute this companies etc and also gets the money into government coffers very quickly.

Potentially, Some companies save face and hopefully the deregulated environment gets set up and they cannot continue such levels of fraud again. Somehow everybody might win in this scenario.


fantis,  12:13 am  

Yeah that would be great if Nigeria were any other country. This won't happen here. Too many crooks.Everyone has their hand in the cookie jar. Including the government.

babatunde 3:09 pm  

why would anyone make a repayment when the chances of being prosecuted are close to zero?

nurul 3:08 am  

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