Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fuel Subsidy 419

Good Day,

My Name is Mr. Austin Oniwon, the Group Managing Director Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),  as the Group Managing Director am in the cabal responsible for the fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria. My office has been unable to account for 65,000 barrels of crude oil out of an official allocation of 445,000 barrels per day. Only me and some other top officials in my office knows the where about of the 65,000 barrels of crude oil which translates to a daily $6,362,850 (N939 million daily) that is unaccounted for.

Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Appropriation and Finance investigating the management of fuel subsidy funds got to know about the deal and is about to frozen all my bank accounts.

I seek your cooperation to help me in transfering this funds abroad before the hands of the Senate gets to it. You will be highly compensated for your help and account provision.
Let me know if you can handle this so that i will give you more details on how we can transfer this fund without any problem. For more information on this click on this link

Mr. Austin Oniwon
Group Managing Director
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation 


Da Injurer 2:59 pm  

hehehe, trust Nigerians to twist truth to serve their nefarious activities and purposes.

lamikayty 9:07 am  

lol! and the missing barrels are ...on the high seas!

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