Saturday, January 07, 2006

African video on demand

Just clicked on an advert on this blog - it takes you to - where subscribers can watch nollywood forever (there are also free previews). The opening video features a short piece by Tunde Kilani - The White Handkerchief.

Spending a few days in the UK, its clear that convergence between tv and the internet is now just a few months away. In a couple of years, the future versions of Freeview, Sky etc will mean that tv and the internet have become one media-rich channel. Instead of the 900 or so channels available from Sky, there will be tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of channels of content. Viewers/listeners/readers should be able to tune into content from anywhere in the world - of course most of the time they will have to pay for the privilege of watching well-made content. Its encouraging that there is some evidence of African-oriented media that are awake to this paradigm shift just before it is about to happen.


c0dec 9:04 pm  

it's called interactive TV.

Anonymous,  2:13 pm  

again, bandwidth constraints will be what they need to watch out for and plan to meet as TV content is very bandwidth hungry but i agree its about to take off. i am encouraged that its not just in the western world for once!!

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