Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome to the wacky world of Chikachoo

"Sugar is sweet, pepper is peppery". Welcome to Chikachoo's blog. His stated mission statement:

"1. I will promote world peace.
2a. I will promote Nigerian home videos as they are grossly under rated. I mean only in the afore mentioned can the tragic scene of a dying man saying how much he will miss his family become comic as he forgets his lines and says "I dish (wish) I could live a little longer" and of course the producer forgets to edit it out. Anyways the point is that I give my people props.
b. I will also promote Ramsey Noah as all I can say is that he tries and often succeeds in making really bad lines sound worse.
3. I will promote harmony and unity.
4. I will promote weavon. It is a very good product.
5. I will promote the use of the word promote as seen above."

Is this man for real or are we at last witnessing a dose of satire in the Nigerian blogosphere?

Also, check this hilarious site out: Church of the Greener Pastures.


Anonymous,  12:49 pm  

Actually Chickachoo is a talented teenage girl!

For the record, I am not Chickachoo.

Anonymous,  11:10 am  

Thanks for these...hilarious...

chikachoo 4:27 pm  

hthank you anonymous. I am a GIRL.

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