Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm not a Christian, but..

I say a quiet prayer for all those men (and women) in history who have been beaten and killed for their sexuality. I continue with a prayer for the men (and women) who in Nigeria will now be beaten on account of the difference of their desires. I think of those who will languish in a shittypissy cramped cell, all because old men with intolerance and hatred boiling in their blood have said they should. And I try and fail to forgive those who will use this legalised bigotry as a licence to fuel their own homophobia.

And for those who delude themselves that homosexuality is something imported from the West: you are not yet aware of your own history or your own culture. And you forget in the midst of your bigotry that your Bible and your Koran are both imports. Why do you not reject them as well?

One day, these old men will have to face their God and account for the sum of all the suffering they have unleashed upon the world. I’m not a Christian, but if there is a God, just now I hope he’s of the Old Testament variety, and the vengeance will be His.


tout noir 9:59 pm  

Claims that homosexuality is a Western import are baffling and untrue. I am Nigerian to the core - born and bred - and I am gay. I have several gay Nigerian friends, most of them are in Nigeria and a few are studying abroad.

I didn't become gay after I left for college in the West... I moved away from Nigeria to attend college because I am gay. I have been gay since my earliest memories.

O.B.J,  2:09 am  

All those who claim to be homosexuals are SICK people... who don't know they sick. They deserve to be treated with compassion and empathy... not strident laws.

Anonymous,  5:25 am  

I really dont care about the homosexual lifestyle. I dont agree with, but the Nigerian Govt banning gay marriage is simply ridiculous!

I'd rather live in gay friendly San Francisco or New York.....than live in Nigeria.....A moral cesspool! The devil's drawing board!

There are people dying from hunger, copses on the street uncollected, unemployed graduates, individuals completely annexing govt funds for themselves, No electricity or pipeborne water - Of the myriad problem to be banning gay marriage thats at the top of the agenda!

The mistrel show continues

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