Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Some lovely pics Jasmine has just uploaded of the Cattle Ranch..Six hours trekking into Cameroon sounds like fun!

Talking of tourism, just caught the Heart of Africa ad for Nigeria on CNN. A distinctly amateurish effort when compared to the ongoing Malaysia Truly Asia and Incredible India tourist campaigns (don't these people study how the competition do what they do?) The same can't be said for the Enugu ad some of you may have seen: high production values, nicely paced narrative etc etc. Must have cost a pretty packet.

Whatever one's views on the SEEDS benchmarking exercise, it has woken some of the States up to that wonderful thing called a development strategy.


Anonymous,  1:49 am  

Those pictures of Obudu are so beautiful. Now, I'm homesick. Usually, I think of Lagos and shudder but Enugu looks so peaceful.

Anonymous,  12:55 pm  

lovely pictures u have there,been exploring info on the internet for obudu.I think www.obuducattleranch.info is also superb.
Hubby and I are planning a holday there soon.Am excited!

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