Saturday, January 07, 2006

Elendu Reports continues to be the most interesting Nigerian alternative news blog, and will surely play an increasingly important role this year. Many Nigerian journalists get their source information from this site. It functions in the same way as the gossip-celeb newspaper City People for politics - rumours are reported and then followed up. Like City People, amongst all the rumours, there is often a lot of truth. In credit to those behind ER, they do try to corroborate their stories, rather than publish political "gist". One of the latest stories concerns a sum of N372m donated to the media to keep shtum about the 3rd term..


mw 2:30 pm  

The latest news out of the Elendu Reports stable in the last day or two, is that Omoyele Sowore has left.

afrofunkycool 11:56 am  

A key problem our journalists have is the lack of ideological grounding. Add to this the inability to see the big picture and finaly a refusal to be impartial in news reporting.
These factors combined make most of the news reports seem more sensationalist than informative.

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