Saturday, January 07, 2006

some interesting african blogs:

African bullets & honey
Feminist African Sister


mw 1:50 pm  


Thanks for your comment/reply regarding the Readers' thing... If you let me have something by Tuesday latest, I'll take it & I'd appreciate it too... Thanks.

Basically, something in about 100 words, would be perfect. I expect it'll probably be on Zadie's, but if you really must add a 2nd book also, it'd be fine.

The latest Writers' one is published today:

How is England treating you? Love to BiBi.

Renegade Eye 8:28 pm  

I found this blog surfing the magnificent Molara Wood's blog.

I looked at your recommended blogs also.

This is an interesting blog. Outside your country, this type of news, is ignored.

Teju Cole 2:06 pm  

Broda Jeremy,

I'm glad you dicovered Gukira. Terrific blog, that. A fine writer and thinker. I hope he finds lots of good readers.

afrofunkycool 4:17 pm  

Res Ipsa loquitor

Fontaine 10:12 am  

Since we're plugging blogs, you can check out mine at

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