Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Article on nollywood in the UK Grauniad last week

Nothing you didn't know already, but it's interesting to see Nollywood is garnering attention in the chattering classes rag of choice. It still seems to me as if Nigeria is quite a way from producing a Tsotsi equivalent, but then again, all it would take is some serious funding (whether from Wesley Snipes or elsewhere) and the production values would rocket vertically. In a few years, there'll but multiplex cinemas in most of the big cities in Nigeria. With Emeka Mba's Film and Census Board slapping a directive of a minimum say 30% local content on distributors (as in France), things could change quite radically. Richard Mofe Damijo rubbing shoulders with Denzel on a certain stretch of red fabric at the Oscars?


Styl Council 5:57 pm  

Jay, i agree that with the right funding things could improve drastically. However, tell me something,... have the multiplexes in Nigeria began featuring Nollywood films? If not then that's where the re-education needs to start from and hopefully, the funding will come!

Anonymous,  7:17 am  

exactly Sisi Oge. they must be pursuaded to start screaning the films as they are presently and with time funding will come. Also, they can screan oldies films such as Tunde Kalani's Mainframe production.

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