Friday, March 10, 2006

Woke up this morning, I got the 3rd term blues

The news that Mantu and his gang said Aye in PHC yesterday is enough to deflate even the most high-pressured optimism. The Saharan gods from the north responded by covering Abuja in a cloud of sand, preventing planes from flying in or leaving today. Quite a nice Shakespearean fair-is-foul cosmological twist methinks: just as the 3rd term threatens to isolate Nigeria from the commity of nations (as they like to say here), so too the sandstorm has cut us off literally.

All may not be lost however. In my bones, I can't believe that farmer Seg wants to carry on being oga patapata into his 70's. I've always assumed he's grooming one of his Economic team for the 20-vehicles-in-convoy-to-go-to-the-toilet job. The 3rd term push has come from the PDP hierarchy, eager to keep their guberklepts close to the till. So while the Lucky Igbinedions of this world may stay in power, I imagine/hope that the Federal reforms will continue apace. Let's see.


Akin 5:19 pm  

Oga patapata really brought a big smile to my face, I almost laughed.

Well, he has the example of Robert Mugabe who would probably stop being president of Zimbabwe the day he draws his last breath.

OBJ has offered to be martyred for Nigeria, the only way to make that happen is to stop this third-term nonsense.

Epitaph? The man who gave up his presidency for the good of his fatherland.

Any offers?

I presume you do speak Yoruba fluently - good on you!

I once met an English girl who had a deeper Nigerian accent than I had, it was also the first time I heard a non-Yoruba person call out my name word and accent perfect.

david 6:37 pm  

siddon there dey look. Oba olujibiti Obasanjo has offered to pay the supreme sacrifice for the sustenance of our nascent babacracy, his very life.
Let us applaud him and all the other sycophants in power e.g Alhaji Ibrahim "AGIP" Mantu who have conspired to lead us down the road to perdition!

Anonymous,  3:11 pm  

I tend to understand the fear OBJ might have about leaving the office now, as par the possibility of the next regime not following on with the trend he started in many ways. I however would expect him to make himself a polictical god-father to one of his Economic team members, possibly leading a female President in Nigeria ... All we need in Nigeria now is a committed self-less leader. To hell with rotational governance! To hell with three-term governance!! To hell with narrow-minded third-term suggesting committee!!!

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