Monday, March 20, 2006

Robert Adewunmi - oh dear

Nollywood, we need you - to chart the rise and fall from grace of Robert Adewunmi.. (Robert in London?)


Akin 12:36 am  

I beg to differ here.

He was never in grace, rather, he was corrupt all through. Having Nollywood chart this career of deception and fraud would only go to re-enforce the age-old notion of corrupt Nigerians.

What we need are genuinely honest role models who have proved themselves in service all around the globe without resorting to dishonest activities.

I had enough trouble with having a Nigerian passport just because of the perception.

Even then with the Entitlement to the Right of Abode, I once went to France and our coach was delayed for over an hour - why? Because of the rotten reputation Robert Adewunmi creates of all Nigerians.

There are only a few bad apples, but just those few make life ever so difficult for others who have to work harder, try harder, promise harder and provide more proof of the simplest things.

Obviously, we eventually all earn the trust and adulation of our colleagues, clients and employers, but we cringe when another similar sounding name makes the news for the wrong reasons.

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