Saturday, March 11, 2006

Interview with Funke Martin Luther (aka Blaise)

Click here to read my interview with emerging hip-hop talent/producer FML (aka Blaise) on Lagos Live.


Geekette 9:19 pm  

How come you don't have any sample track posted up here on on the interview site??? That would have been the fastest way to break it down, especially to those who've never heard of her.

stillwaters1 1:49 pm  

yes its the first time i am reading about funke...nevertheless, i must confess that there are so many talents in this nation.
the other time i was in nigeria i met a young man who had written and produced music in his own remote area, some where in lagos.he also made a cd for himself..he calls himself MERAIIAH(THE BEGINING OF THE END).
I am yet to post a sample of his track but i certainly will.

Anonymous,  11:41 pm  


Way to go!

We love ya!

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