Monday, March 06, 2006

The new Brazillian joint


Pilgrimage to Self 2:36 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
This isn't much help!! More details please. Is it in Lagos? Abuja? My second half may be in Lagos soon and may want to visit... thanks

Pilgrimage to Self 2:39 pm  

sorry, sorry, sorry! I jumped the gun a bit. Just read through your other posts and got the information I just requested. so ignore my last comment. :-)

Anonymous,  5:40 pm  

I can't wait to go back to Naija now that I've seen these pictures. I will never be able to afford but its nice to know you can go window shopping in somewhere other than Alade and Tej.

Anonymous,  5:59 pm  

anonymous thats exactly what I was thinking. For many of us who have yet to leave Nigeria, places like The Palm is a window to another world that is possible albeit it excessive consumption and affluence amidsts much misery and penury.

The first time I went to that shop - Bola 33, I couldn't believe that people exist in Nigeria that could afford such jewellery. I have often thought that most of the beads society women wear are fake - can't believe yhey are for real. Apparently she designs and makes them herself - they are simply gorgeous. I absolutely love the craftsmanship - on Nigerian soil. things are changing.


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