Friday, March 31, 2006


A naijablog reader sent me this image recently. It gives me the idea for a project: loads of images of religious banners, papered all over a room in an art gallery (or wherever). The title of the exhibition: Deliverance. Thanks Mobolaji for the image.


kike,  5:56 pm  

Bishop Prophet Dr. s o j abiakwe?

What about Sir, Professor, Chief...he could do with adding that too.

Are these the leaders Nigerians look up to. A bishop prophet Dr milking them. This kind of people need hanging.

Akin 5:59 pm  

Bishop, Prophet (Doctor) Solutions? Only Joking! Abiakwe.

And this land of deliverance and miracles is in Flat 450?

I think I seek a burning bush and a parting sea, a rolling stone and Lazarus coming forth.

If titles really did it, the Pharisees (Far-he-sees) and Saducees (Sad-u-sees) of Jesus' time would have been performing the miracles not fishermen.

We however live in a world where that advert might just mean everything to someone - I would not rubbish it!

Bimpe,  6:14 pm  

thanks Akin, I didnt even notice that Mr. fraud is running the operation from a flat.

I dont really know, may be we need some sort of specialist agency to police this industry.

Milking the masses. And the tragedy is that Nigerians (generations and generations) will spend the rest of their lives developing such an industry and following this kind of corrupt leaders.

There was news some years ago about a pastor who was arrested with canabis. The guy said he needed it. That it was necessary.

Anonymous,  2:41 pm  

The Punch of Sunday, April 02 2006

Female church leader dies in boyfriend’s house ... after marathon sex

Rotimi Williams and Babatunde Sulaiman

A 38-year old female church leader and wife of a church founder and general overseer, died early in the morning on Saturday, after she allegedly had several rounds of sex with her boyfriend in his abode along Jimoh Street, in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State.

The victim (names withheld), who left her husband’s church around 8 pm under the pretext of honouring an invitation for a vigil in a nearby church, ended up in the arms of her lover, passing through the back door to avoid prying eyes from identifying her.

The woman reportedly gave up the ghost around 1.30 am, after she was said to have gasped for breath while the lover was still on her.

Sunday Punch gathered that the boyfriend, popularly referred to as Tunde, had tried in vain to revive her.

Tunde, it was gathered, eventually raced to the victim’s church, which was just metres away, to inform them of the happening.

But the victim had become lifeless by the time the lover and the church members arrived.

Sunday Punch learnt that the woman, in order to give credence to her claims to church leaders that she was actually going to a church vigil, had left her husband’s church with her nine year old son, identified Emmanuel.

However, on arriving at her lover’s abode, the victim, who was said to be a widow, sent Emmanuel on an errand to a friend in a church around the Iyana Ipaja garage, where the boy slept till about 8 am on Saturday when he returned to his father’s church only to be told of his mother’s death.

Sunday Punch learnt that the boyfriend, who is also a widower, currently being detained by the police, reportedly confessed having bouts of sex with the female church leader before she suddenly started panting.

It was gathered that the lovers had been dating for over a year.

The incident threw the entire church into panic, as the victim was said to have been regarded as a virtuous woman before the incident.

A senior pastor in the church, Abraham Oladeji, who spoke to Sunday Punch, said that the entire church members and the leadership were still shocked about the incident.

According to him, “nobody in the church ever suspected that the woman was sleeping with anybody outside.”

On the woman’s journey out of the church on Friday evening, Pastor Oladeji said, “she left here (the church) on Friday evening with her son, Emmanuel, telling the church members that she was going for a vigil at a nearby church.

“So, it was a surprise when a young man we had never seen before came knocking at the door of the church around 1.30 am, narrating what happened, while asking that we should assist him.

“Before the team raised by the church got to the scene, the woman had been confirmed dead in the young man’s abode.

“I was informed that his landlord, a woman, quickly contacted the police, who came almost immediately and took the young man away.

“It was later that we got to know that the woman, on getting to the youngman’s house, asked her son, Emmanuel, to go to a nearby church where the boy stayed till early morning before coming back to the church.

“I tell you, it is shocking to the entire church as we never suspected her for once,” Oladeji stated.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Bode Ojajuni, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said that his office was making efforts to get comprehensive details on the matter, assuring that the police would conduct comprehensive investigations into it.

Sunday PUNCH April 2, 2006

st antagonym,  2:57 pm  

e don finish

St Antonym 1:55 am  

"Christ affairs" indeed!!

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